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Hi!  My name is Megan Fry. Welcome to my website! I am wheelchair-bounded and

nonverbal. Despite having a  physical disability, my brain is sharp. 

When I was born, I lost oxygen, which led me to have Cerebral Palsy (CP). CP effects the signal from my brain to my muscles. I am in a wheelchair for the majority of the day, and I use this computer called a Microsoft Surface with an eyegaze to communicate.  There is a camera at the bottom that picks up the retina in my eye, and when I look at a button and blink, it clicks just like a computer mouse.  Since the surface is a regular window base computer, I can talk, text, email, internet, art, work at school, and everything.  


I paint on the surface using a software called Art Rage. It has art brushes, pencils, pens, knives, and etc. Art Rage acts just like when you paint on a canvas. 


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